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APAC Brands Embrace DTC Model for Customer Feedback


Singapore blockchain startup BlockPunk releases Zombie Land Saga characters as Smart Art prints


Julian Lai-Hung of BlockPunk on creating a blockchain anime studio: Startup Stories

BlockPunk created the world’s first tokenized anime film.

This former anime chief at Netflix quit to run a startup. Here’s 3 things the streaming giant taught him.

What can working on titles like Terrace House, Rilakkuma and Godzilla: Monster Planet teach you about selling anime?

アニメ『みるタイツ』 ブロックチェーン活用BlockPunk.netで特典付配信


Chatting with syo5 about his debut anime film “Vevara In Your Dream” (EN & JP)


World-first! BlockPunk announces a new way of supporting anime creators at Anime Expo. Written by Tadashi Sudo. (EN & JP)


アニメ視聴権をブロックチェーントークン化 クリエイターの新たな選択肢へ


First Tokenized Anime Film ‘Vevara in Your Dream’ Debuts

Singapore-based entertainment tech startup BlockPunk recently presented the U.S. premiere of Vevara in Your Dream during Anime Expo in Los Angeles. The first feature by innovative, up-and-coming director syo5 (“Shogo”) was self-produced at the Tokyo University of the Arts, and is being distributed by BlockPunk in collaboration with leading indie anime studio Arch Inc.

BlockPunk Makes Anime Merch Safe and Accessible | Innovators in Crypto

We knew we had to interview BlockPunk‘s CEO and Co-founder Julian Lai-Hung when we heard about their recently announced partnership with Studio Mappa and Dai Nippon, as well as their release of the first tokenized anime film.

TVアニメ『ゾンビランドサガ』クリプトアートが発売決定! 源さくら&水野愛&紺野純子ウエディングドレスバージョンが登場!

アニメーション制作会社MAPPAが手掛けたTVアニメ『ゾンビランドサガ』のクリプトアートが発売決定! 本商品は、深川可純描き下ろしの美麗なイラストに、BLOCKPUNKによるブロックチェーン技術を駆使したアート商品となっております。

ウエディングドレス姿がかわいい! 『ゾンビランドサガ』高精彩クリプトアートが発売決定

TVアニメ『ゾンビランドサガ』の高精彩クリプトアートが発売されます。 本商品は、アニメーション制作会社・MAPPAが手掛けたクリプトアートで、深川可純さん描き下ろしの美麗なイラストにBLOCKPUNKによるブロックチェーン技術を駆使したアート商品です。ウエディングドレス姿の源さくら、水野愛、紺野純子がデザインされています。

Singaporean Blockchain Platform BlockPunk Offers Anime Short

Anime Expo hosted U.S. premiere of syo5's "Vevara in Your Dream"

Blockchain startup BlockPunk launches tokenised anime film and NFC-enabled art print

The Singapore and Tokyo-based entertainment tech startup claims that the two new launches are both the firsts ever


アーチとブロックパンクは、北米最大の日本アニメイベント『Anime Expo 2019』でプレミア上映された短編アニメーション『微睡みのヴェヴァラ』を、世界初のトークン型アニメ映画として「BlockPunk .net」で配信することを発表した。

BlockPunk Enables Collectible Anime For Sale On Blockchain Using Digital Tokens

The film, Vevara In Your Dream, is distributed by Singapore entertainment tech startup BlockPunk, indie anime studio Studio Arch, and film director syo5, the latter self-producing it at the Tokyo University of the Arts.

Silicon Valley Vs Hollywood: Round 3, The Game of Streams

I just received this email informing me I have 302 movies stored in the cloud that I need to move to make sure they don’t get flushed down the cyber-toilet. The movies are currently stored by the Ultraviolet service which is now closing down.

BlockPunk official Discord server

We have launched a new Discord server - please come join in the fun!\n新たにディスコード・サーバーを立ち上げました!是非ジョインして下さい!

大日本印刷がブロックチェーン企業へ出資 デジコン売買システムに参入



シンガポールを拠点とし、アニメクリエイターのデジタル作品をオンライン売買できるマーケットプレイス「BlockPunk」は、SeedPlus がリードしたシードラウンドで130万米ドルを調達した。

Singapore-based anime startup BlockPunk raises US$957K seed funding round

SeedPlus leads the funding round for BlockPunk, which aims to make anime merchandise more accessible to fans

About our seed investment round

BlockPunk is on a mission to bring creators and fans closer together through p2p tech and we feel humbled to have found such powerful partners who feel as passionately as we do.



Singapore’s BlockPunk raises $1m in SeedPlus-led funding round

Singapore-based BlockPunk, which operates a decentralised marketplace for anime, film and TV, has raised $1 million (S$1.3 million) in a seed round led by SeedPlus.



Singapore ‘collectible art’ marketplace gets seed funding from SeedPlus

BlockPunk, a Singapore-based “collectible art” marketplace, announced it has raised S$1.3 million (US$957,710) in a seed round led by SeedPlus.





BlockPunk 2018: From Palo Alto to Singapore

In November 2017, I was having dinner with a friend at Steve Jobs favourite sushi restaurant in Palo Alto. My friend was late so I decided to catch up on some podcasts.

Thoughts from Winter Comiket 2018 コミケの感想 — BlockPunk

I’ve just come back from Tokyo Comiket — the world’s largest fan event and a reminder of Japan’s passion for manga, anime and independent creation. It really is the biggest. Imagine the USA equivalent Comicon in Japan, only four times bigger.

Cyborgs for Christmas!

In April we launched the world's first anime crypto collectibles with 2017's fan favourite Zunda Horizon. Creators and fans loved it. Now we are back with a new and improved site built with your feedback and exciting creator partnerships!

My Devcon Top 10

Belated thoughts from Ethereum Devcon4 by CEO Julian. I was very impressed that in addition to all the tech talk there was a spotlight on the ‘why are we doing this’ (I think I resonated with this more due to my non-technical background) 2 fascinating examples presented...

BlockPunk speaks at Apostech 2018

Julian and anime producer and advisor Takeuchi-san spoke on a session on Blockchain and entertainment. You can download the event report [here].

BlockPunk speaks at Content Asia Summit 2018

BlockPunk is a Blockchain-powered entertainment studio incubated at Entrepreneur First (EF) and SGinnovate in Singapore and backed by DLE Capital.

This blockchain startup empowers creators to fund, merchandise and stream their content directly to fans

Merchandising — the activity of promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets — is an important part of the distribution of any content (movies, animation films, etc), and is an alternative way to generate additional revenues.

The Day before Demo Day

6 months ago I flew to Singapore from Tokyo and met my co-founder Jatin for the first time. Tomorrow we are pitching our seed round on stage at the Google HQ in Singapore in front of hundreds of VCs and investors.

DLE、シンガポール企業に出資 アニメ事業展開


BlockStudios announces original content deals with famed anime and film directors, Kazuto Nakazawa and Takashi Shimizu following rebrand

BlockPunk today announced that its anime crypto site CryptoAnime will rebrand as BlockStudios to reflect its long-term vision as a blockchain entertainment studio for creators and fans.

Entertainment is broken, can Blockchain save it ?

The TL:DR = Entertainment is broken. Silicon Valley is taking over Hollywood but this has not necessarily resulted in better deals for film and tv producers.


「クリプト・アニメ」 は本日、日本のアニメを使用し、最新のブロックチェーン技術を使用した「デジタルクリプト・アート」を世界で初めて販売することを発表します。

東北ずん子でわかるブロックチェーン入門 仮想通貨でイラストを売買


自分だけのアニメのデジタルアートを所有 仮想通貨とブロックチェーン技術で実現


As streaming becomes king, blockchain can help filmmakers retain control

The films and TV shows we watch are now controlled by streaming platforms. TV networks and Hollywood studios are buckling up for a mighty streaming battle where exclusive content is key.

World's First Ever Anime Blockchain Crypto-Collectibles

CryptoAnime, today announced the world's first ever sale of digital CryptoArt collectibles based on Japanese anime and powered by blockchain technology.