Please note that we have stopped taking new orders due to the significant reduction/suspension of flights caused by COVID-19. Click here or message us on the intercom for more details.

Why did we build this?

100s of new Japanese anime each year, the world watches at same time thanks to streaming (Crunchy, Netflix, Funimation, Youtube, Kiss?!?) but can you buy merch at same time in your country? Usually not. MerchPunk is here to help. We use AI and Machine Learning tech to search Japan for you.

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1million+ items, 50+ official stores in Japan growing every day

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How Long to Ship?

Please estimate between 5-28 business days in total: 
• 2-7 business days for the item to arrive at our warehouse
• from there 3-7 business days if using Expedited EMS shipping 
All depending on where you live and the local import charges in your country (you may have to pay some local customs charges outside our control) 

Of course, all of this may change due to weather, earthquakes, the Gate letting in aliens, the postal service, or local customs clearance procedures. 

Shipment via DHL Services for Suspended Countries

International shipping is only available through DHL services for suspended countries. Click here to find out if your country has been listed. Do take note that international shipping via DHL is relatively more expensive(at least $100).

To know more about the DHL shipping service:
• Please contact us via email ( or through the intercom at the bottom right of the page.
• Let us know the items you would like to purchase and we will send you an invoice (which includes the item price and a deposit for the DHL shipping fee) via email. The deposit for the shipping fee varies depending on the item(s) and would cost a minimum of $75.
• We will source the item(s) after the invoice has been paid and retrieve the exact quotation for the shipping fee based on the package size, weight and your location once they arrive at our warehouse.
• If the shipping fee is lesser than the deposit, we will send a refund of the difference back to you. Likewise, a top up would be required if the shipping fee costs more than the deposit.


Apart from the product price, please pay the international shipping cost. 

Shipping: International shipping using Japan Post expedited airmail. 
International shipping fees depend on your destination and weight. These are the fees for up to 2 items only, total weight must be less than 1Kg, maximum size up to 100 cm (length+width+height). We will invoice you separately for anything above this weight and dimension to cover the extra cost of shipping. Check out the table below for prices per item/up to 1Kg: 
RegionExpedited EMS
Africa / South AmericaUS$31.00
North America / Oceania / Middle EastUS$31.00

We are not responsible for any damages during shipping. In the event your package is damaged during transit, it is your responsibility to file a damage report at your local post office to get the reimbursement for insured items. We will not process refund for any damages that occur during transit. We strongly recommend that you use DHL to send delicate items at a higher price with insurance. Please ask us for a quote on DHL shipping. Have questions about our service?

Head over to our FAQ to 
find out more!

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