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ARTFX + Bishop & Storm 2 Pack


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Product Description The hero “X-MEN” who has no shortage of video works such as FOX ’s TV drama series “Region” and theatrical movie “New Mutants”. Amid the great boom of the 90s that can be said to be their origin, the three-dimensional one after another in the style of the golden period of animation produced and aired! The figure body of this series has a dynamic feeling as if it jumped out of an animation cell picture, and in addition to its simple modeling, bold colored paint that jumps into the eyes gives a vintage 90's atmosphere Bring. The fourth version is a three-dimensional storm, a super mutant that manipulates the weather. Many people recommend the 90's version of the white costume to the best, and we will finally join the team with the game's familiar appearance. The other is the XSE agent, Bishop, who came from the future. This is exactly the same figure that popped out of the anime, and the sad M tattoo on the face. Commercialized as a great value set with 2 bodies in spite of the standard price of ARTFX + series. Collect all X-MEN! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.