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ARTFX + Astonishing Antman & Wasp


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Product Description “Avengers”, “X-MEN”, “Spider-Man” and the ARTFX + MARVEL comic series that expands will continue to “Avengers” series 2. . . This work will be created by Mr. Adi Granoff, who is also active as a concept artist for the theatrical version, and will be produced by Junnosuke Abe (RESTORE) and Keita Misono. Antman is based on Scott Lang's new Antman suit, which was replaced by Dr. Hank Pim, but is three-dimensionalized in an original style only by Kotobukiya who was reborn with a photo realistic taste that Mr. Adi Granoff is good at . Furthermore, when it is shrunk with Pim particles reproduced with a scale feeling as it is a concept illustration, Antman and partner ant (Ari) and Janet Van Dyne's original wasp can be displayed side by side, ARTFX + (Art FX) Plus) The smallest and extravagant “surprising” set product in the history of the series was born. Create the strongest team and prepare for the final battle with Sanos! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.