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ARTFX + Phoenix


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Product Description The hero “X-MEN” who has no shortage of video works such as FOX ’s TV drama series “Region” and theatrical movie “New Mutants”. Amid the big boom of the 90s that is their origin, the three-dimensional one after another in the style of the golden age that became the base of the animation produced and aired! The figure body of this series awakens the vintage atmosphere of the 90's with a sense of vigor as if it popped out of an animation cell picture and a bold color paint that jumps into the eyes. The fifth installment is the Phoenix Saga and Dark Phoenix Saga aired in Season 3, and the three-dimensional super mutant, Gene Gray, awakened by the mysterious existence called Phoenix Force. The story about her has a shocking end. . . ! Following the large-volume hover chair, comes with the Phoenix FX effect base, the largest size of the ARTFX + series. Reproduced the gene that manipulates power in the air. Collect all X-MEN! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.