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DC COMICS IKEMEN Red Robin [includes first production limited parts]


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Product Description The third part of the IKEMEN series is the brain side kick, Red Robin! [First edition limited edition included version] The IKEMEN series, which designs American comic characters with the “IKEMEN” feeling unique to Japan. The illustration of Mr. Ricken who is also active in DC COMICS works has been made into a three-dimensional concept art. The third is Red Robin, Tim Drake, the third partner of Batman! All Red Robin fans must see the youthful and supple body shape. Be sure to pay attention to the vivid red-colored costume. You can enjoy the hidden face by replacing the head! In addition, one extra part is included for the first production! Tim with a serious expression different from the normal face can be reproduced. The fourth is "Damien Robin"! Please enjoy the "IKEMEN series", which expands the world view as you collect. * Face parts of "Serious ver." Are included only for the first production. Not included with re-production. * The image is under supervision. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.