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ARTFX J Levi renewal package ver.


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Product Description “Promise, I must! Exterminate the Giants!” Kotobukiya “ARTFX J” series is on the way! From the popular anime “Attack on Titan” that caused a social phenomenon, the strongest soldier “Levi” reappears in a renewal package! Three-dimensional with a dynamic pose that imaged the battle in the forest! Rotate your body at high speed to recreate the moment of trying to cut a giant! The stunning and cool expression of looking at the enemy with sharp eyes like Levi and the poses where both feet are floating in the air without any sense of incongruity are the highlights. In addition to the figure itself, the three-dimensional mobile device that is the symbol of the work is also finely modeled and reproduced without losing the precision of the machine. In addition, the big tree that is the base has been realistically shaped, ranging from patterns and slashes. The investigation cloak cloak is removable and can be enjoyed in two patterns. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.