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ARTFX + Gambit & Rogue 2 Pack


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Product Description The hero “X-MEN” who has no shortage of video works such as FOX ’s TV drama series “Region” and theatrical movie “New Mutants”. The whole team is three-dimensionalized in the golden age costume that became the base of the animation produced and aired in the big boom of the 90s that is their origin! The figure body of this series is characterized by a lively feeling as if it popped out of an anime cel and a paint with bold colors, reviving the vintage atmosphere of the 90s. The sixth installment is a three-dimensional figure of the nihilistic anti-hero mutant “Gambit” devised by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. And the power-based super heroine “Rogue”, which is familiar and well-known in game works, is a team-up. The strongest lineup is finally completed. The Gambit comes with a charged card and the Rogue comes with a flying pedestal base. Commercialized as a great value set with 2 bodies in spite of the standard price of ARTFX + series. Collect all X-MEN! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.