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ARTFX + Spider-Man (Miles Morales)


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Product Description ~ ARTFX + Spider-Man Hall of Fame Series, the second edition is the second generation Spider! ~ Kotobukiya's newly launched "ARTFX + Spider-Man HALL OF FAME" series! Mr. Stefano Casselli, the active artist, served as the concept art, and Junnosuke Abe (RESTORE) was responsible for the prototype. The unified scale collection will expand further. The second installment following Peter Parker's original Spider-Man is Miles Morales' Spider-Man who has been active as the Avengers since 2015! It features a sharp design with a red web-like line in a suit based on black, and a body line that is growing younger than the original Spider-Man. He turned into a three-dimensional figure with an aggressive pose that bent down his center of gravity and extended a web shooter from his straight left hand. Comes with a pedestal with a symbol mark type metal plate. The soles are magnets, and their special pedestal, as well as sticking to the metal surface in the room, can reproduce the situation just like a play. In the future, the Spider-Man family who made legendary feats one after another will become three-dimensional one after another. Please add Miles Morales of young Spider-Man to the collection. * This product is remanufactured. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.