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ARTFX J Seiichi Yukimura Renewal Package ver.


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Product Description Seiichi Yukimura Lineup! "Seiichi Yukimura" is re-appearing in a renewal package from "New Prince of Tennis" where rivalry from powerhouse junior high schools nationwide gather! A three-dimensional version of Seiichi Yukimura, a tennis court leading the Junior High School Tennis Club attached to Tokatsu and Rikkai University. The majestic appearance is truly a “child of God”. He who has the dignity as a king reproduces the appearance of the moment of confrontation with the opponent. Please pay attention to the uniform muscles of a sportsman and the shape of a dynamic jersey. Face parts can be replaced, and comes with two types of expressions: a “smiling smile” and “a sharp expression like a strict commander”. The jersey worn on the shoulder is removable. The base is a stylish design made of clear material. Please enjoy it together with the “New Tennis Prince” series lineup. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.