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ARTFX J Nicholas D. Wolfwood Renewal Package ver.


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Product Description From "Theater version Trigun Badlands Rumble", the ARTFX J series figure of Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a patrolling pastor of Kansai dialect, reappears in a renewal package! A figure holding a gun and holding a punisher. An impressive special acrylic base with a silver title logo floating in countless bullet holes. All designs from posing to base were invented by Yasuhiro Naito. It is the definitive edition of the 1 / 8th scale figure that has been supervised many times, ranging from facial expressions, body lines, suit molding and painting. Sunglasses can be removed. A deformed mini figure "Nightow" is included as a bonus part. The base can be decorated with the same series of “Vash the Stampede” and a combination of three patterns! If you line up, you can enjoy the world of "Trigun" even more. Supervision: Yasuhiro Naito Supervision Cooperation: Flying Dog Prototype Production: Tatsuya Hattori Complete Sample Production: Yoji Hayakawa (Senori Nen) / Yukio Nishiyama * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.