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ARTFX J Vash the Stampede Renewal Package ver.


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Product Description ARTFX J of “Vash the Stampede”, a flower with the nickname of “Humanoid Typhoon”, which was awarded a prize of 60 billion dollars from “Theater Trigun Badlands Rumble” Series figures reappear in renewal package! A figure with a hem on the coat and a gun in one hand. An impressive special clear base with a golden title logo floating in countless bullet holes. All designs from posing to base were invented by Yasuhiro Naito. It is the definitive version of the 1 / 8th scale figure that has been supervised many times, ranging from facial expressions, body lines, and molding and painting of coats and boots. Trademark sunglasses can be removed. Characteristic guns are modeled by 3D modeling and precisely reproduced in detail. A mini figure of “Black Cat” is included as a bonus part. “Vash the Stampede” is a kind-hearted gunman with a magnificent past. Add the best love-and-peace figures that Kotobukiya sends with confidence to your collection! Supervision: Yasuhiro Naito Supervision Cooperation: Flying Dog Prototype Production: Tatsuya Hattori Complete Sample Production: Yoji Hayakawa (Senori Nen) / Yukio Nishiyama * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.