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Product Description ——I have to respond. From the popular RPG game "Tales of Zestiria" that Mavin entrusted, the main character, Sule's scale figure, has become a revered version! A family of narrators who do not have individual names but inherit the name “Mövin” from generation to generation. Along with its name, which means “Nurse”, the sley of the “Guide's Ideata Karabari” costume, which can be obtained by clearing a sub-event related to the “Mavin Clan” who is destined to see the world, is full of appearance. Contrary to the costumes of the “Guru Shigeru”, which gives a refreshing impression based on white and blue, the shades based on black and red give a dignified impression, and travel with friends to create many people and heavens. It seems to express the sley that has grown up in both mind and body by meeting the tribe and the devil. A cloak with a long journey expresses its use with a delicate gradation. In addition, the golden line creates luxury. Since it has become a gem that enhances the charm of the Master Slay, please enjoy it. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.