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ARTFX J Asakura Leaf


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Product Description ————— From the popular comic “Sherman King”, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018, “Asakura leaf” is made into a three-dimensional figure based on an illustration drawn by Hiroyuki Takei! Under the thorough supervision of Mr. Hiroyuki Takei, the detailing of details such as how to put a bag and the expression of a pocket faithfully reproduces the uniqueness of "Asakura leaf". It looks like it came out from the illustration. The human spirit mode Amidamaru has also been reproduced in detail, and the clear expression with clear parts is attractive. Also, illustrations drawn for the figure as well as figures are a must-see for fans. The base can be connected to the separately sold “Hao”, and arranging the two will further expand the world view of “Shaman King”. * Figures are prototypes being supervised. Different from the actual product.