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ARTFX J Kirishima Yuka


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Product Description From the popular TV anime “Tokyo Ghoul: re”, which will be broadcast in the final chapter from October 2018, Yuka Kirishima, a clerk of “Coffee: re”, is three-dimensionalized on a 1/8 scale. ! Aiming to escape from Ko-Clear, I cut out the moment of fighting to protect my friends. From the fluttering skirt, cape, and left eyelids that can be glimpsed between the bangs, you can feel that you are confronting with full power. Her cocoon, Hakui, is molded with clear parts. We were particular about details such as modeling and coloring, and finished to be more beautiful by seeing through the light. Please take a look at the world of characters and works. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.