Desktop Army Frame Arms Girl KT-321f Sora Lightning Series Ver1.2


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Product Description “Desktop Army” x “Frame Arms Girl” collaboration first “Samurai thunder series” reappears with “hoho red” added! It is a deployment in all three types, with a cute body of 80mm that faithfully reproduces the image of the main visual drawn by Fumikane Shimada, and a large armament of artillery battle. The body is the latest version with added mobility on the hips, and one long-awaited facial expression change part is also included. Of course, the built-in hard points are compatible with the previous series. There are endless combinations of weapons! Create your own platoon and take control of your desktop! [Lineup] ・ One set of lightning [front command] ・ 2 type lightning [for mobile turret] ・ 3 type lightning [for high maneuver] ※ The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.

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