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Sakuya of Fallen Angel -Mode: Seraphim-


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Product Description << The Goddess of Light that Spreads the Wings of Prayer --- >> From Sega's "RPG that connects the hearts" and "Shining Ark" Another figure, “Sakuya Mode: Seraphim”, appears on the 1/6 scale line of the Shining Series of Kotobukiya! Based on the beautiful illustration drawn by Tony, Ei Matsumoto is a three-dimensional figure. Overall height: approx. 350mm, wide width of the widened wing: approx. 380mm powerful size, supple and beautifully shaped limbs, and the thin fabric surrounding the whole body light by applying frost coating on clear material Permeating, expressing light texture, one pair of large wings and two pairs of huge wings wrapping the body, the pearl coat reproduces the texture of feathers that give off a soft luster. The base that complements the figure body comes with an image of the water surface. Please enjoy the godly appearance that should be called the goddess advent, the ultimate form of "Sakuya". * This product is remanufactured. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.