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Product Description ——— Everyone's truth and reason Tell us what you want, with an anime aired in 2007, with a demon sword that kills the monono monster from “Mono monster”, which attracted fans with a unique worldview and visual beauty In addition, the unidentified hero “Drugs” has appeared in the “ARTFX J” series. Faithfully reproduce the colorful kimono and the face with characteristic makeup! The background material is made of acrylic and can be enjoyed in various ways by applying light. The figure standing on the pedestal colored in rich colors is preeminent for its presence! The true value of the “ARTFX J” series from Ashiya to the world! Please enjoy it as a definitive edition of the "Mononokai" figure. * This product is a remanufactured product. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.