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ARTFX J Ash & Eiji


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Product Description Banana Fish Special Exhibition ~ You are my best friend ~ From the immortal masterpiece “Banana Fish” currently being broadcast on TV anime, “Ash Links” and “Eiji Okumura” come in a set! Ash sitting on the window. Transparent blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, and legs that stretch smoothly. Reproduced the unparalleled beautiful appearance as it is. Eiji staring at Ash. Attention is paid to a gentle expression that looks pure and honest. We expressed the world view that can be achieved because it is the "best partner" that forgive the heart. Also pay attention to the spray art of “Banana Fish”, which is a diorama-based accent! A definitive edition for fans. Please check it out! * The image is a prototype under supervision. Actual product may differ slightly.