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Fine Art Statue Weapon X


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Product Description Eric Sosa's X-MEN Statue Series is a lineup of Wegan X's fugitive "Weapon X" Logan! A sad mutant with adamantium bound to the bone in Experiment X's binding experiment lost all memory and escaped. Three-dimensionalized based on the famous scene of the story arc that is indispensable to talk about MARVEL's most famous mutant hero "Wolverine" running through the winter mountain path. Comes with a diorama pedestal based on the hinterland of the Alberta region of Canada, which is said to have a secret facility in Department K where it is snowing and cold. The X-MEN Danger Room Sessions series heroes can be displayed side by side, and the more you collect, the more exciting your team will be. * This product is limited to the Kotobukiya Shop. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.