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Cu-poche Extra Hannari Set (Peach)


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Product Description Let's go out lightly ♪ The "Cuposh Extra" series expands the play of the "Cupoche" series. A set of parts that allows you to enjoy the Japanese atmosphere with the Cuposh characters. Coordinate hair ornaments and drawstrings on kimonos. Go out with a Japanese umbrella and get clogged! Even though it is always a tomb, it is a fine shrine maiden with a brilliant behavior. Would you like to spend a gorgeous time together with the “Waise set” that was released at the same time? Please note that the Kyuposh body is not included with the product. [Contents of set] ・ Japanese umbrella, kimono, obi, clogs, drawstring, hair ornament * This product is a reproduction. * “Ku Posh” body is not included in the set. * Kimono is recommended to be worn on “Cuposh Extra School Swimwear Body” and “Cupoche Friends Anne-” (sold separately). * Hair ornaments are compatible with the “Cupoche Friends” series and “Cupoche Extra Kimagure Ponite Set” (sold separately). * The image is a prototype. Actual product may differ slightly.