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Aya Kanno


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Product Description <Devil Extermination Contractor-The Exorcist-with a Crimson Guardian Angel>> The heroine of the original work "Sister Blood", a popular illustrator Tony himself, a high school girl exorcist with a cool look "A long-awaited figure! Mr. Uzen, who has modeled many Tony characters, is three-dimensionalized with the atmosphere of an illustration! The lines of the body flexed flexibly, beautifully flowing black hair, well-balanced legs, etc. are reproduced without leaving the charm of illustrations full of fetishism. In addition, in this three-dimensionalization, the newly drawn costume settings are reflected. Under the supervision of Tony, in the original illustration, the part drawn in the old setting is replaced with the latest setting. The large revolver-type gadget that I got in hand, the “ReiGun Gun Mysterion M7”, has been brushed up as it is, and it has been reproduced as closely as possible with the data prototype. Please enjoy her recreated in a volumey 1/6 scale at your fingertips. * The color of the included cloth may differ between the image and the product version. * The image is a prototype. Actual product may differ slightly.