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Product Description We are Venom ... A powerful 1 / 6th scale figure of the cruel patron Venom! Venom, the dark hero of “Symbiauto Symbiosis”, is added to the ARTFX series, which is a figure of high quality and reasonable price on a 1/6 scale with a total height of about 30 □. Appears. After grabbing the released web, Venom, who rushes to his own desire, has been transformed into a three-dimensional figure with a comic style and a powerful diorama figure. The NY building, which will be the pedestal, shares the same specifications as the ARTFX Spider-Man who uses a cold cast to recreate the stone texture. The figure body is delivered with a hybrid material that draws out the good points using PVC suitable for precise reproduction of modeling. In addition to its voluminous feel, please welcome a Venom as if it jumped out of a comic piece with a perfect weight. * The image is under supervision. Actual product may differ slightly.