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Product Description-Deadpool is reproduced from ARTFX MARVEL Super Heroes series! -That deadpool is re-produced from the ARTFX series that has developed heroes of movie works and comic works so far! It is strange that a great soldier who is good at all firearms and swords injects a healing factor derived from Wolverine with the willingness to die. It is a birth of the Most Dangerous Hero “Deadpool” who has overcome the illness, but has an anomaly in the spirit! Such a frustrating hero is three-dimensionalized in an aggressive combat pose with a 1/6 scale big size exceeding 30cm in height. Comes with a rustic catwalk diorama pedestal with the motif of a battle in an old factory plant. In addition, the main weapon Katana Sword and three handguns housed in a holster, and the knife equipped on the right foot can be changed with the corresponding fist parts. Benefits include flag parts that can be inserted into the muzzle, Deppu hand grenades, and PewPew hand sign parts. Delivered in a super volume unmatched in the history of the ARTFX series. * This product is partly different from the ARTFX SUPER Deadpool 2017 released in 2017. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.