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Gurihiru Mini Figure Collection Deadpool


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Product Description A mini-figure collection full of deadpools drawn by Mr. Grihill appears! That dead pool joins the "Guri Hill Mini Figure Collection", which is a three-dimensional figure of the super cute MARVEL character drawn by the popular Japanese comic book writer, Mr. Grihill. All four types are dead pools, and you can collect a standing me, a cool me, a cute me, a little embarrassed me. In addition, the character card that was very popular in the “Grihill Mini Figure Collection Avengers” and the “Self-drawn Sketch Card by Dr. Grihill” will be included! Buy, collect, trade and brag about it! There are 4 types of this product. Blind box specification. With 1BOX (with 4 pieces), both figures and normal character cards can be fully completed. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.