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ARTFX J Sakura Kinomoto


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Product Description ——— “It ’s going to be somehow, it ’s okay” The number of original books issued, total 12 million copies! From the popular work “Card Captor Sakura” that has been mixed into TV anime, animated movies, games, and more, “Sakura Kinomoto” has appeared in the ARTFX J Series! The sakura dressed in a bright pink costume that makes girls look the most cute! Fine parts such as fluffy fluffy skirt, transparent hair, and shiny shoes are very cute! The beauty of a large wing that spreads over the “sealing wand” on the base of the image of a cloud and spreads with the power of “fly”. Also known as Kero-chan, “Cerberus” is of course together. Be sure to have "Kinomoto Sakura" handy with a cute smile that makes you feel like "I'll be fine. * This product is remanufactured. * You can enjoy the world view by decorating it side by side with the “Li Little Wolf” (reproduction) scheduled to be released in June 2019. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.