ARTFX + Captain Marvel

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Product Description ARTFX + MARVEL Comics "Avengers" Series 2 The story is finally on the final chapter! ! The ARTFX + MARVEL comics series also entered the final stage of the “Avengers” series 2. The designer of this series is Mr. Adi Granoff, who is also active as a concept artist for the theatrical version! Arranged in the photo realistic taste that he is good at, and three-dimensionalized from the drawn illustration. "Captain Marvel", who became one of the most powerful superheroes representing MARVEL Comics, has emerged as a result of an alien accident! Cosmic heroes who travel freely through the universe finally appear in the ARTFX + series. Organize the strongest Avengers and prepare for the battle with the upcoming Sanos! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product. "Click here for Marvel's official website"


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