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In front of Lancer / Tamamo


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Product Description “Servant Lancer, in front of Tamamo, I've been full of aggressiveness ♡ Do you have an adventure in the summer?” From the popular smartphone role-playing game “Fate / Grand Order” “Tamamo-no-mae” is three-dimensional in a swimsuit as a lancer servant, which was shown at the limited-time event “Summer! The Sea! Pioneer! Based on the illustration of the second stage of the second coming of the spirit group, it has been three-dimensionalized and faithfully reproduced in detail, such as beach umbrellas instead of strawberries and straw hats. T-shirts and towels are detachable, and when removed, they appear in bikinis, revealing a feminine body line with a slight bow on the waist. You can decorate it with a T-shirt that is soaked in water and the skin is transparent, or you can decorate it with a bikini! Ryo Yoshima who can enjoy two forms, right! summer vacation! Please enjoy Tamamo, an elegant true lady, at your fingertips. * This product is remanufactured. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.