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MY LITTLE PONY Bishoujo Twilight Sparkle


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Product Description The second is the hero's Twilight Sparkle! A lineup of BISHOUJO series of “MY LITTLE PONY” that caused social phenomena in the United States! Serious and honorable protagonist, Twilight Sparkle, became BISHOUJO with a series of illustrations drawn by Mr. Shunya Yamashita. Based on the figure of "Equestria Girls", arranged in a school girl style coordination! Characteristic long hair is also reproduced lightly. Her kindness and subtlety are transmitted from the fingertips on her glasses. Keep an eye out for the cuteness of the pony figure that gently falls! I made a silhouette. The long eyelashes reproduced with 3D modeling are a must-see! The third is "Flutter Shy"! Please collect unique ponies! ※ The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.