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GI JOE Pretty Scarlet


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Product Description The heroes of the world's first action figure series, “GIJOE”, and various characters of the evil army “Cobra” who plans to conquer the world will be reborn in Kotobukiya ’s BISHOUJO arrangement! The first lineup is the agent “Scarlet” from the team “GIJOE”, a special unit consisting of experts from all over the world. For this product, Shinya Yamashita has drawn concept art just for this figure! She is good at counter-intelligence in defending allies from enemy's plotting activities, and she is good at handling various weapons, leaving her characteristic red hair and special suit with double structure as it is. Thinking about what GIJOE owns, the details of special body suits have been added, and further details have been improved. Also, like the original action figure, "XK-1 Power Crossbow" is included. The prototype was developed by Mr. Takamaki Toshima (BUSUJIMAX), who has been attracting attention for his high modeling power and sense, and has achieved a definitive edition with a beautiful finish by digital sculpting. Please look forward to the GIJOE girl who will continue to develop many planned characters. Go! GI Joe !! * The image is under development. Different from the actual product.