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Frame Arms Girl Stiletto -SESSION GO !!-


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Product Description “Get ready, Batu Ryo!” Although the pride is higher than the TV animation “Frame Arms Girl” decided to be a sequel production, Tsundere is a tsukkomi stiletto with a lightning thunder and Baselardo “-SESSION GO ! ! Three-dimensional in the “-” series. Modeled based on illustrations drawn by Noritaka Suzuki who was in charge of the anime character deformation design. Focusing on the expression of joints and hair that are difficult to reproduce with plastic models. I was particular about the sharp body line. The base uses the same base as the currently released “Tairai-SESSION GO!-” And “Baselardo-SESSION GO!-” Scheduled to be released in May 2019, so it can be displayed side by side. . “SESSION GO! ! ※ The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product. * There is no luminous gimmick.