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Product description> Sentou special page now available! Commander, I will do my best to follow my seniors today! From the popular smartphone-only shooter game "Azur Lane", the light aircraft carrier "Sentou" designed by illustrator Tony is first made in 1/7 scale! Please pay attention to the modeling of blonde hair and costumes that flutter in the wind. The clear feeling of the clear parts used in various places expresses the delicate impression of the illustrations. The pearl color is scattered in various places to make the impression more gorgeous. The bow-like outfit is reproduced in detail with reference to the original Sent-class aircraft carrier. Combined with the contrast of the color, it enhances Sento's presence. The base is an image of the sea. Splashes that splash with the movement of the character and outfit add to the overall dynamism. You can enjoy the appearance of 360 ° characters only in a figure! Please check at hand. Comes with a “confused face” part that compliments the eyebrows as a first-run limited bonus. You can enjoy a different expression than usual. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.