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Product Description —————— Alright. Time to kick some ass… The young devil hunter “Nero” appears in the 1/8 figure from the latest “Devil May Cry 5” series in the stylish action game “Devil May Cry”. . Nero looks like a blue rose with a provocative expression, and the modeling with attention to detail, such as the details of the metal fittings on the coat and the wrapping of the sleeves, creates realism. The familiar "Blue Rose" and "Red Queen" are also faithfully reproduced! The combustion engine and pattern part of Red Queen's finely shaped finish will still make you want to activate “Ixeed” and burn up enemies. In addition, a new power "Devil Breaker" that replaces the magical arm that has appeared in this work is also reproduced with precise modeling! Apart from the “gerbera” worn on the arm, it carries several devil breakers around the waist as in the game, and this time we picked up the “overture” and “Punch Line”. Although hidden in the shadow of the coat, the faithfully recreated modeling is a must-see for fans! "ARTFX J Nero" to send in overwhelming quality. Please check it out. By lining up with the “ARTFX J Dante” of the same series, you can enjoy the world of the series even more. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.