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Product Description —————— Jackpot! The most powerful devil hunter “Dante” from the latest “Devil May Cry 5” series in the stylish action game “Devil May Cry 5” has appeared in 1/8 figures. The appearance of holding the magic sword “Rebellion” with a generous expression is like a dante, and it looks as if it came out of the game. The reproduction of the leather of the coat and trousers, and the reproduction of the metal fittings such as buttons and fasteners are shaped so as to be mistaken for the real thing. In addition, the “Rebellion” is precisely modeled from the handle to the heel, and expresses the details that differ between the front and back of the heel. To the place that can not be seen from the front, carefully selected modeling is a must-see for fans! Please pay attention to the expression that seems to start moving with the flames. "ARTFX J Dante" to send with overwhelming quality. Please check it out. You can enjoy the world view of the series even more by arranging it together with “ARTFX J Nero” of the same series. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.