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Product Description ARTFX Premier 4 series has a lineup of hulk from the MARVEL AVENGERS fresh start. In order to maximize the attractiveness of the collection, we have thoroughly examined every detail of every part of the omnidirectional area, and have reproduced the “real” details in 1/10 scale with digital sculpting. For more important coatings, we have fundamentally reviewed the highly productive coating process of “base → shadow coating” so far, and “deep” that cannot be seen in conventional products by spraying multiple coatings on all parts. We pursue "beauty". This time, the Hulk, from “Immortal Hulk”, which returned to its origin last year, crushed the earth with its overwhelming power and thoroughly pursued elements that became “monsters” that are no longer controllable. First, in order to produce a realistic and powerful feeling that cannot be measured on the monitor screen, we created a full-size product with a clay prototype. Next, a 3mm scan was performed, and the detailed skin, enormous muscles, blood vessels passing there, and denim that could be torn apart were modeled into the craft by digital sculpting. In order to further enhance the modeling, painting with deep “layers” using multiple transparent colors has created a powerful collection of all monsters, not just the size. In addition to a luxurious package with a marble motif with art drawn based on a common figure in the series, a certificate with a serial number is included. Your number in this book, which proves that you are the only one in the world, is engraved in gold color. Unprecedented sophistication enhances your collection. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product. [What is ARTFX PREMIER] "A real, beyond-" The highest level label pursuing the limits of products to reach the extreme of character expression. This is a limited edition with a serial number that is available only to limited collectors worldwide. ▼ Special site for ARTFX PREMIER series ▼ “Click here for Marvel official website”