ARTFX + Batman Animated Opening Edition


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Product Description-Gotham City, a city where crime and desire are swirling. Here was a man who bet on his own life and fought against evil. ~ Time is the 90's. There was an anime series produced in response to the success of the movie “Batman” directed by T. Burton. It attracts both adults and children with an animated film noir-like “dark deco” atmosphere by Eric Radomski and a bitter-flavored dialogue in addition to animated animation by the hands of genius animator Bruce Tim It was a miracle work ... And now, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman, Animated Batman will make a debut in the ARTFX + series for the first time in three years. This work reproduces the appearance of the dark knight that emerges with thunder from the opening scene of a program that would have burned into the mind of anyone with that narration. The pedestal part will be vignette shaped, recreating the buildings of Gotham City. The view of the world is further condensed by expressing the bat signal that lights in the night sky and the lightning that impresses Batman's fate in three dimensions. Evil in the dark is waiting for Batman. again today! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.

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