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ARTFX J Touko with Pokabu


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Product Description 5th series "Touko with Pokabu" reappears! KOTOBUKIYA "Pocket Monster" figure series 5th is reproduced in response to your request! Based on the illustrations drawn by illustrator Hitoshi Ariga, the main character Toko of “Pocket Monster Black White” is a lineup! Toko is characterized by its fluffy ponytail and short hot pants. Also pay attention to the details that make you feel muscles and costumes that are not easily seen in the game! The game is about to begin with a dignified look with a monster ball! In addition, on top of the flames reproduced with clear parts, a lively Pokabu will appear in a ready-to-use state! Please enjoy the details at hand. * This product is remanufactured. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.