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Senjogahara Hitagi-Fake Story-


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Product explanation I wonder if this man has no pride. To say such a shameless line to just drinking water ... Based on the impressive scene that restrained the calendar of "Fake Monogatari Karenby Sonno", a tremendous smirk is also a beautiful battlefield Three-dimensional Haragi Hara. This is the first three-dimensional appearance in plain clothes. Raising the front leg of the chair and laughing as if looking down is a cool but beautiful finish. The color of the chairs, floor, and rubble, and the texture of the clear parts of the water overflowing from the bottle on the left, is one of the highlights, while maintaining the atmosphere of the school cram school. With two replacement parts, a “water drop pointing hand” and a “handcuff handle” that restrains the Araragi calendar, you can enjoy the wording of “Hitagi”. In addition, "Shortcut" and "Ponytail" in the "Nisemonogatari" work are reproduced with replacement. By replacing, you can enjoy your favorite from 4 types. Please enjoy with your own eyes. * This product is remanufactured. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.