Cuposh Kos Jinbei (Tonbo)


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Product Description A small costume for Kyuposh Saizu "Kyuposh Koss". “Kyohei” along with “Frill Yukata” changes its design and reappears! The fabric with dragonflies drawn on the summer mustard color has been produced as clothes that can be worn by both boys and girls. Since the top and bottom of the Kohei are divided, you can enjoy it as a favorite coordination with “Jinbei 2017.” The cupoche body is not included with the product, so you can use your cupoche with “Kuposhkos” Please dress cutely. * There are individual differences in the pattern of “Jinbei”. Please note. * This item is limited to 100 Kotobukiya Shops. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product. * Cupoche body and accessories are not included in the set. * It is recommended to wear "Cuposh Extra Girls Body", "Kuposh Extra School Swimwear Body" and "Cupoche Friends" (sold separately).

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