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Cu-Poche Cos Frill Yukata (Frill Yukata)


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Product Description A small costume for Kyuposh Saizu "Kyuposh Koss". “Yukata”, a classic outfit, has been redesigned and is back this year! “Frill Yukata”, packed with a lot of girls' love, was produced in a light blue belt on the royal road pink fabric. A flower corsage is a point between the two-tiered frill skirt and the belt. The product does not come with a Cu-Poche body, so please dress up your Cu-Poche with “Cu-Poche Cos”. * There are individual differences in the pattern of “Yukata”. Please note. * This item is limited to 100 Kotobukiya Shops. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product. * Cupoche body and accessories are not included in the set. * It is recommended to wear "Cuposh Extra Girls Body", "Kuposh Extra School Swimwear Body" and "Cupoche Friends" (sold separately).