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Kaoru Kaoru ~ Plug suit ver. ~: RE


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Product Description Kaoru Tsuji's 1/6 scale figure re-appears in a new package. Considering the features of plug suits that clearly show the body line, we are working on the fine lines and body lines unique to boys. The supple legs and the line of the spine that emerges from the delicate body are excellent, and it is a point that you should pay attention to. The hair is made of clear material and reproduces the characteristic smooth silver hair. The neat features peeking through the hair show various expressions depending on the viewing angle. The pedestal is a stone statue-like arrangement of EVANGELION Mark.06 on which Kaworu boarded. The original model was created by the “Shirasagi Hajime”, which is familiar in the series. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.