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ARTFX J Dr. Orchid with Fushigidane


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Product Description Yume and Bouken! To the cause of Pokemon! Let's go! Kotobukiya "Pocket Monster" figure series 11th! The lineup of “Dr. Orchid” is indispensable for talking about the Pokemon world! Three-dimensional based on illustrations drawn by Mr. Hitoshi Arashi familiar series. A gentle look that looks after the players who grew up with Pokemon. We have three-dimensionalized all over the carved engraved parts and reminiscent of the body, which reminds us of years past as "Pokemon". The pen in the pocket and the metallic paint on the belt add a bit of charm. Fans should come to the slippers at their feet and books with lots of sticky notes! Fushigidane who puts out a lot of power on the body and rolls out the "Tsuru no Muchi" is also reliable! Stay tuned for Kotobukiya's “Pokemon” figure series! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.