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GI JOE Bishoujo Baroness


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Product Description Heroes of the world's first action figure series “GI JOE” and various characters of the evil army “Cobra” who plans to conquer the world will be reborn in Kotobukiya ’s BISHOUJO arrangement! The second installment following the well-received first agent “Scarlet” is a lineup of super secret “Baroness” from the evil secret organization “Cobra”. For this product, Shinya Yamashita has drawn concept art just for this figure! She is good at extreme intelligence, makes full use of many weapons, and sculpts her long-haired poses to create a three-dimensional figure with her characteristic long hair. It looks like a Cobra that uses a secret weapon supplied by the weapon merchant “Destro”, and the body suit has a different surface detail from the GI JOE team. Further detail improvement was given by original interpretation. A submachine gun, one of her favorite weapons, is also included. The prototype was developed by Mr. Takamaki Toshima (BUSUJIMAX), who has been attracting attention for his high modeling power and sense, and has achieved a definitive edition with a beautiful finish by digital sculpting. Please look forward to the GIJOE girl who has decided that multiple characters will be deployed. Cobraa! ! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.