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Cuposh ruler / Jeanne d'Arc (ruler / Jeanne d'Arc)


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Product Description-My flag, protect my brother! “My God is here (Lumiminote Eternel)” In the cute figurine “Cuposh” series of fun and fun pockets, from the popular smartphone role-playing game “Fate / Grand Order”, the Holy Grail War Arbiter ruler / Jeanne d'Arc appears. "Cuposh" is a very cute pocket-sized movable figure series of 2.3 deformed characters. Abundant movement in a small body. With the magnet on the sole, you can easily pose various poses on the dedicated base and reproduce various facial expressions and impressive scenes of the character. Sculpting even fine details such as armor patterns and chains. Two impressive types of flags are included: a rolled version and an expanded version. Various poses and impressive scenes can be reproduced along with the parts. Two facial expression parts are included: a normal face and a shouting face. Please enjoy it at your fingertips. [Accessories]-2 types of flags-2 types of swords and facial expressions (normal face, shouting face)-Replacement wrist set (span, grip hand, handle)-Dedicated base (supports sole magnet)-Set of movable props ( Strut, arm for strut, extension parts (thin / thick)) ・ Chuck bag for storage ※ The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.