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MY LITTLE PONY Pretty Flutter Shy


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Product Description The third is a fluttering shy girl with the symbol of “kindness”! That “MY LITTLE PONY” that caused a social phenomenon in the United States has become BISHOUJO! The gentle girl “Flutter Shy” who takes care of the garden and animals has become BISHOUJO from the illustration drawn by Mr. Shunya Yamashita. Don't miss the soft pink hair and the lightness of the dress that draws a gentle drape. The pony figure that sits quietly is a silhouette that conveys her kindness. The eyes that softly smile are colored with the series of three-dimensional model eyelashes. The delicate reproduction of the details has made her feel like she can hear her whisper voice. The fourth is "Larity"! Don't miss the popular KOTOBUKIYA “MY LITTLE PONY Pretty” series! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.