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Juliette Persia


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Product description Cumulative comics exceed 2.9 million copies! From the absolutely secret school love comedy “Boarding School Juliet”, the first-generation leader of the West Principal Dormitory and White Cat Dormitory (White Cats House) “Juliet Persia” is the first three-dimensional figure in a 1/7 scale swimsuit! A white swimsuit that conveys the translucency of the skin, and even fine details such as sandy beaches. The hair that is always down is tied to the ponytail, and the color of the hair is also faithfully reproduced. Please enjoy her at your fingertips. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product. [Notice] * Manufacturers and distributors have changed due to various reasons. [Changes] ・ Manufacturer and distributor before change: Aspire ↓ ・ Manufacturer and distributor after change: Ashiya Co., Ltd.