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ARTFX PREMIER Cosmic Ghost Rider (Cosmic Ghost Rider)


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Product Description The 7th ARTFX Premier lineup includes Cosmic Ghost Rider from MARVEL UNIVERSE. In order to maximize the appeal of the collection, every detail is thoroughly examined, and the “real” details are thoroughly reproduced with digital sculpting in a 1/10 scale. For more important coatings, we have fundamentally reviewed the highly productive coating process of “base → shadow coating” so far, and “deep” that cannot be seen in conventional products by spraying multiple coatings on all parts. We pursue "beauty". Cosmic ghost rider that first appeared in 2018. Its identity is known as “Panisher / Frank Castle”, and the unique new hero is best represented. Reproduce the beautiful universe reflected on the body and the fierce flame that covers the head, which is a major feature of the Cosmic Ghost Rider, with LED light emission. You can enjoy the reality of pursuing "real" that you can't feel in comics. In addition, the pedestal is also represented by LED emission magma flowing through lava. In addition, the chain covering the whole body and the capsule covering the head can be removed from the main body and displayed freely according to the taste of the owner. Furthermore, it is possible to easily emit light by simply inserting the included micro USB. From the pedestal to the torso, chest, and head, this is a fantastic collection of beautifully light that mixes flames and the universe. In addition, a luxury package with a marble motif with art drawn based on a common figure in the series, and a serial number certificate engraved in gold color that proves that it is the only one in the world Comes with. Unprecedented sophistication enhances your collection. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product. [What is ARTFX PREMIER] "A real, beyond-" The highest level label pursuing the limits of products to reach the extreme of character expression. This is a limited edition with a serial number that is available only to limited collectors worldwide. ▼ Special site for ARTFX PREMIER series ▼ “Click here for Marvel official website”