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ARTFX PREMIER Black Panther (Black Panther)


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Product Description The 8th ARTFX Premier lineup includes a black panther from MARVEL UNIVERSE. In order to maximize the appeal of the collection, every detail is thoroughly examined, and the “real” details are thoroughly reproduced with digital sculpting in a 1/10 scale. For more important coatings, we have fundamentally reviewed the highly productive coating process of “base → shadow coating” so far, and “deep” that cannot be seen in conventional products by spraying multiple coatings on all parts. We pursue "beauty". Waganda, an African nation with isolated but developed technology. The ruler and king Ti Chara's noble and genius intelligence, a stylishly trained body, and a Vivranium suit worn in it were reproduced with a unique interpretation. Digital sculpting of a vibronium suit with strong muscle performance that emphasizes the originality of comics and a tough and powerful performance, combines multiple textures to engrave simple but precise details It is out. Furthermore, as an effect of painting produced by this texture, by painting blue and purple layers alternately on the surface, you can enjoy the unique color reflected in black → blue black → purple at the angle of light hitting the cross section of the texture I can do it. Completing a chic and deep collection suitable for the leading role of the new avengers, which is not inferior to other characters. In addition, a luxury package with a marble motif with art drawn based on a common figure in the series, and a serial number certificate engraved in gold color that proves that it is the only one in the world Comes with. Unprecedented sophistication enhances your collection. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product. [What is ARTFX PREMIER] "A real, beyond-" The highest level label pursuing the limits of products to reach the extreme of character expression. This is a limited edition with a serial number that is available only to limited collectors worldwide. ▼ Special site for ARTFX PREMIER series ▼ “Click here for Marvel official website”