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Shadow Mistress Yuko


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Product Description “I don't think I won! 』From“The Demon Girl Next Door”on TV anime broadcast,“ Shadow Mistress Yuko ”, known as Shamiko, is the first three-dimensional figure in a crisis management form! The illustrations drawn by Izumo Ito, the original author, for the figure are faithfully reproduced. The cloak of the waist that spreads out, and the fine parts such as the horns and tails, which are the signs of the descendants of the “dark clan”, have been delicately shaped. "Evil God Statue" is also reproduced, where the founder Witch Lilith is sealed. The base is composed of signs that are also used in anime titles. I painted with a contrasting design with "Momo Chiyoda" (sold separately). Please pay attention to the fluffy hair. Please enjoy her who is working hard every day to save your household budget. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.