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ARTFX J Sebastian Michaelis (Sebastian Michaelis)


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Product Description-Will, master. (Jesus, My Road) Ashiya "Black Butler Book of Circus" figure series second! From “Black Butler Book of Circus”, aired from July to September 2014, the devil and Phantomhive ’s butler, “Sebastian Michaelis”, has appeared. Like the first Ciel, it incorporates a chess image to create an overwhelming view of the world! Sebastian who wore a tailcoat and expressed a fascinating expression was expressed by elaborate modeling. A chess board-like base and a chic picture frame that overlaps the back make the character more attractive. The second installment of the “Black Butler Book of Circus” figure series, where purity and bewitching live together. Please pick it up and check it. * You can enjoy the world view by decorating it side by side with "Ciel Phantomhive". * This product is a remanufactured product. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.